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Steel Drum History 101

Courtesy of OUPblog

The steel drums (also colloquially known as steel pans) have a rich history. Click below to learn more about where they come from and how they're made! 

  • The steelpan is the only new instrument invented in the 20th century.

  • Steel drums are possibly the only instruments made from industrial
    by-products (typically recycled 55 gallon oil drums)!

  • The steel band developed directly out of bamboo stamping tube ensembles, which provided carnival music for the lower-class in Port of Spain after a British colonial law restricted the use of drums with skin heads.

  • Popularity of the steel band has grown. They are now plentiful in Caribbean diaspora communities as well as non-Caribbean communities all over the world. While Trinidad and Tobago continues to be the center, countries like Sweden, Switzerland, and Japan are now hubs of steel band activity.

  • Manufacturing steel drums is a highly specialized skill. Steel drums are not standardized, as competition between rival bands fostered innovation in tuning and design.

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